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So many reasons to choose YPS

On your race week we will take care of you!… Relax and get ready!

How it works

1. book your event

Choose your event and book it on this website before our delivery slots fill up

2. drop bike off

Closer to the event we will email you details as to when you should drop your bike off at your chosen location

3. We Ship Your Bike

While you get ready for your race we take care of getting your bike safe and sound to it’s destination.

4. collect your bike at the event

After you have arrived at the event collect your bike up from the designate collection point that we have previously advised you.

5. Enjoy Your Race

Enjoy your race, we wish you well.

6. Return Your Bike To Us

After your race leave your bike back to the designated dropoff point, we will prepare it for it’s return journey home.

7. we ship your bike home

Take it easy on your way home and be confident that your bike is once again in good hands.

8. collect your bike

Collect your bike from your original dropoff location where you first left it. We hope to see you again soon